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Thank you for your interest in Kingston University, and on behalf of Kingston University, welcome.

Kingston University is a student-centered university, with a campus in the culturally vibrant city of southern California, Pasadena. Our campus is created for all students with a spirit of fostering a strong sense of friendly community for every one and lifelong connections with other learners and faculty.

As a “student-first” university, Kingston University values the role we play in bridging you to your future and career goal. Our faculty and staff are about student success in education and in life. We are dedicated to providing you with the values, knowledge, and expertise that will allow you to advance professionally for your entire career. You will experience the liberating power of higher education and possess the skills to build a strong foundation, one that can serve you for the rest of your life.

At Kingston University, students’ learning experience is extended beyond classroom. We offer different learning opportunities such as internships, education through experience, and service-learning projects to enrich your search for knowledge and enhance your readiness for the career you determine. We partner with prominent businesses and health leaders who provide real-world guidance for the University and its learners.

Your ability to show care and concern for others will increase along with your intellectual growth as you learn to internalize ethical and moral healthcare and business values into your world view. In short, you will become a better person, with the increased confidence that comes from possessing a higher education credential.

I am proud to be associated with Kingston University. I promise that you will find your experience here both challenging and gratifying. I look forward to the time when I can personally congratulate you on the day you graduate from Kingston University.


Dr. Dwight Layton

Kingston University
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